The Jury has at its disposal 3 prizes for each of the three categories: 

  • The First Prize “Golden Ciupaga” /i.e. highlanders axe, used by the mountaineers in the Tatra mountains/
  • The Second Prize “Silver Ciupaga
  • The Third Prize “Bronze Ciupaga”and the regular distinctions in the form of the “Parzenica góralska”, given to the groups, which do not win any of the main prizes, for good or very good presentation of parts of the programme /e.g. dances, singing, customs/.

There will also be several additional prizes and souvenirs from the institutions and organisations taking part in the preparations of the Festival. The Organisers will also give the money prize of 5000 PLN to the winners of “Golden Ciupaga”.

During the Festival, the International Folk Instrumental Groups as well as the Folk Musicians and Folk Singers Contest in 4 following categories will be held:

  • folk instrumental groups
  • folk musicians- soloists
  • folk singers groups
  • folk singers – soloists

Golden Zbyrkadła” /highlanders bells/ are the prizes in this contest . There will also be special distinctions in the form of gifts. All the participants will receive diplomas.